Modified Epoxy

All Data Vacuum Bag Only
3K 2x2 twill TR30S fiber
Modified Epoxy
Modified Epoxy
NT-350 HT
Modified Epoxy
NT-350R Modified Epoxy
Dry Tg300°F (148°C) 383°F (195°C) TBD
Wet Tg270°F (132°C) 290°F (143°C) 3TBD
Tensile Strength121 ksi (836 MPa) 767 MPa (112 ksi)TBD
Tensile Modulus 9.52 Msi (65.4 GPa)65.4 GPa (9.52 Msi)TBD
Compressive Strength93.7 ksi (648 MPa)TBD
Compressive Modulus9.71 Msi (66.7 GPa)TBD
Flexural Strength140 ksi (965 MPa)138 ksi (952 MPa)752 MPa (109 ksi)TBD
Flexural Modulus9.1 Msi (62.7 GPa)8.8 Msi (56.1 GPa)51.2 GPa (7.4 Msi)TBD
Short Beam Shear Strength9.1 ksi (61.9 MPa)9.1 ksi (62.4 MPa)61.9 MPa (9.0 ksi)TBD
Open Hole Compressionnot tested42 ksi

The following platforms are under development. Targeted data is listed below. Each of the platforms are expected to be released in 2021.

Cyanate Ester

Target NTC-425 Cyanate
Ester System
Pure CE (in development)
Tg300°F (149°C)500°F
Tensile Strength9 ksi (62 Mpa)105 ksi (724 Mpa)
Tensile Modulus 1 MSi (7.9 Gpa)10 MSi (69 Gpa)
Compressive Strength21 ksi (145 MPa)94 ksi (648 MPa)
Flexural Strength23 ksi (158 MPa)NA
Flexural Modulus1 Msi (7.9 Gpa)NA
Short Beam Shear Strength11 ksi (76 MPa)8 ksi (56 MPa)
Open Hole Compression30 ksi (205 MPa)
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